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Weekend Recap

Mission: Buy a cat tree.
Summary: Attended the Pet Fair at Cal Expo. Paid $6 for parking, $14 for admission, and $2.50 for a prezel. Saw three or four vendors with crappy, ugly, overpriced cat trees. Then we went to Petco. They had nice ones that just weren't quite tall enough. Then we checked the ghetto pet store right down the street. They had one almost like we wanted, with yucky capet on it. So we ordered that model with carpet very similar to what's on the floor.
Status: Order arrives next Monday.

Mission: Buy new Simpsons "Treehouse of Horrors" Playset
Summary: Went to every Toys 'R' Us in Sacramento. None had recieved their shipment as yet. Apparently you can't believe everything you hear on the Internet. One said I'd have better luck if I checked in on Wednesday. And so I shall.
Status: Pending.

Need to go watch Futurama, then the Simpsons, then Band of Brothers. David and Lucas might come over and hang.

I'm tired.
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