Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

My Four Day Weekend

The long weekend was largely uneventful. If you checked out the cams, you probably saw a lot of Jarrett playing video games, Jarrett surfing the web, and Jarrett watching TV. Hot damn.

Although, we spent most of Saturday and Sunday out of the house.

Saturday afternoon we ran all over Sacramento, mainly returning some goods to Target, the Mall and Fry's. I decided I really don't need Red Faction for the PC after all, since I can't stop playing the Wolfenstein test.

Sunday we were supposed to get some breakfast and go see a movie, but breakfast turned into fast food at Wendy's because David and Lucas are slow. It's funny that each complains about how long it takes the other to get motivated and moving. Doing anything with David & Lucas usually involves between 30 and 60 minutes of waiting. Then maybe another 30 minutes of David talking on his cell phone. But we love them, so we let it slide.

Julie really had her heart set on Pancake Circus. The disappointment put her in a mood. The movie, Hearts in Atlantis, gave everyone warm fuzzies, though. And it was all good.

Yesterday I was on my own, because Julie had to go back to work. David called at 11:30 to see about lunch. I decided to make him come get me so I could do my waiting in the comfort of my own home. It was a good bet, because he didn't show up until 12:45. We picked up Niki and ate at the Hukilau Island Grill.

David got on his cell phone during lunch (bleh!) and decided he needed to stop off at SacWeb for a "minute" on the way home. Naturally, I was his hostage for well over an hour. It wasn't really how I intended to spend my day off.

So, the theme for the last three days has been "Waiting for David".

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