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Jarrett Heather
Jarrett Heather's Journal
This post made my day.

Current Mood: unworthy

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purrfection From: purrfection Date: October 11th, 2001 11:57 am (UTC) (Link)

Aww no way! I'm really happy that it made your day. =)

I've been following your work for a while now and just had to say something. Believe me it could've been worse. ;)

I think my boyfriend got the brunt of "Jarrett is such an awesome web designer. Look at this page, oh and this one.. and this one!" *giggle*

Hopefully one day I can be on your level of web and graphic design. *crosses her fingers*

Have a good day.

stormcrowley From: stormcrowley Date: October 11th, 2001 06:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
It should. You are damn good at design, layout, and implementation.

As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, my talents lay more (or less) toward back-end programming with SQL and PHP, than with layout and design. That plus the fact that my ph0t05h0p sk1775 are non-existant, and my case is proven. :)

You do an awesome job, and you know how to get the images you see in your mind out onto the web. That's a rare talent indeed, for any profession.
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