Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

More on the Dotties

Besides Juliecam getting the People's Choice, two other sites I designed won Dotties last night.

One was The Sacramento Public Libraries, which I must have done during my very first month at SacWeb three years ago. It won for Government and Law, somehow beating my now famous California Secretary of State Bill Jones site, which was snubbed last year as well.

The other was Hansen Information Technologies, for the High Tech category. I was especially pleased that it won, because the "virtual city" was entirely my idea and I invested a lot of time into the site. After Juliecam, it's probably the site of which I'm most proud.

So, after three years in Sacramento, my designs have earned hundreds of nominations, about twenty finalist nods, and six Dottie Awards. I know that the sites aren't judged on design alone, and that most people don't even know (or care) what the Dotties are. I have no delusions of inflated self-importance, but I'm proud nonetheless.

Now that I'm working for the state, I'll be doing far fewer public sites. Ah, my glory days are likely over.
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