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Losing My Momentum...

The weekend is winding down, and so is my brain.

I've been trying to work all day, but I've been giving in to distraction. Must. Focus. On. Work.

The weekend has been pretty groovy so far. Friday night we went to an intimate bash down at LB's abode. We didn't even get there until nearly 10:30 pm, so it was a pretty late night. On Saturday, after sleeping in, we ran a bunch of errands. I picked up a new 100 Mb/s ethernet hub, and I'm happy to report our LAN is much faster now. Later Saturday night we went out and had a splendid meal with a few friends.

Today, though, it's work. Makin' some web sites. Woo!

I need caffiene. I think I'll have to steal Julie's Jolt Cola out of the fridge. I'm sure we'll be hearing about that later. :)
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