Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Hooray for Hollywood

Omigod I'm tired.

David and I made it to David and Larry's at about five.

We wandered West Hollywood, and ate at Hamburger Hamlet. Then we took the train to Universal City. They had a lot of toy stores and I bought four figures from The Simpsons series 6.

I took pictures all about, but it was dark. I got some photos of the Simpsons' star on the walk of fame. Maybe I should find Madonna and take a pic for Julie.

It's so strange, how we're here at David and Larry's apartment, then you walk outside, and there's Mann's Chinese Theater, like, right there. They're building this huge ass theater next to it called the Kodak Theater, where they're going to have the Oscars next year (and from now on?). I'll get some daytime pics of the project in progress.

It seems like half of Hollywood Boulevard is getting torn down and rebuilt.

Did you know that some people have more than one star on the walk of fame? I'm not really clear how that whole system works. David says that anyone who's even a little famous can buy one for twenty grand or something. I mean, we walked on Leeza Gibbons' for God's sake. It was right next to John Tesh's, oddly enough.

Time for sleepies. I think we're going to the Getty Museum tomorrow, so I ought to break out the film camera for artsy pics.

Nighty night.

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