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Just talked to my dad on the phone. He was complaining that I hadn't written in my journal for three days. I guess I should try to stay on top of this.

My step-mother went in for day surgery and there were some sort of complications, so she'll probably be there for a week or more. Dad says she'll be okay in the end. The sad thing is this might affect their vacation plans down the road, which were supposed to include their first trip to California to visit me (I moved here back in 1998). Hopefully Target will give her disability pay, so she'll be able to preserve her vacation plans for the Spring.

I stopped by Toys 'R' Us during my lunch break, and I was able to pick up the exclusive Family Christmas Playset. I was able to find Snake and Bleeding Gums Murphy over the weekend, which rounds out series six and brings the collection up to date. I have to figure out a new shelving solution before the next wave comes out.

I should get some pics of the current display. It's mighty and impressive.

Tonight we're going to see a sneak preview of Heist, starring Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito and Delroy Lindo. And also master magician Ricky Jay pops up in there somewhere. I wish he were in more movies. You may remember him as porn cinematographer Kurt Longjohn in Boogie Nights. I just think he's cool.

Check back for a movie review.

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