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A Real Update

First of all, I just want to say once again that I hate web polls. I hope this trend dies soon. I don't think answering twelve questions that reveal what flavor ice cream or what 80's hair band you're most like truely reveals anything about your personality. Just say no to polls, people. If we keep posting these wretched poll results graphics, then the terrorists have already won.

Mike, Anna and the good people at Seraphein Beyn provided me with two sneak preview tickets to see Ocean's Eleven. It was an amazingly fun, brilliant, well-written, well-directed, well-acted movie. It doesn't even come out until Friday, so neener. If you don't have any plans, you must go see this film. Do it!

Last weekend we saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Did I mention that? I loved it as well. Hooray for good movies.

Julie and I are still stuck in 24.6Kbps dial-up hell. I admit we have been spoiled by our lavish broadband lifestyle. I'd rather lose my cable television than my cable Internet access. The good news is that AT&T will have us back in business sometime today. My earlier post is kind of funny because I figured we were in better shape than Comcast or Cox. However, only AT&T customers were the ones who lost service. And not even all of them, I understand. Oddly enough, my brother in Dallas is among the unlucky customers thrust into the dark ages of telecommunications.

In the meantime, Julie and I are trying to share this tiny trickle of bandwidth. I'm mostly interested in playing Dark Age of Camelot, but every couple hours she has to check every cam site in known universe. She hasn't killed me yet, but I've come close. Battles come and go while my lag tries to catch up with what's on the server. Once I even fell off my horse about 10 miles short of my ticketed destination. I try to restrict Julie to the low-bandwidth activities while I play the game, but sometimes she sneaks downstairs where it's harded to yell at her.

With any luck, we'll be back to our days of 10Mbps glory sometime today.

Tonight I believe we're giong to gretchenann's place to hook up a computer for Her Majesty.

Tomorrow, and indeed much of the weekend, I need to start catching up on some side projects.

I'll try to post in my journal more often. Bah!

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