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Attack of the Ex-Girlfriend?

From #qt-kat (warped.irc.net) 3:42pm

<MRS> hello
<Julie> hello
<MRS> i am one of mrs deleted's students
<MRS> and she says ur husband is stupid
<MRS> and fat
<Julie> who?
<Julie> who's husband?
<MRS> ANDREA deleted
<Julie> who?
<Julie> don't know her
<MRS> she wuz engaged too ur husband
<Julie> i don't have a husband
<MRS> u lie
<MRS> u lie
<MRS> u lie
*** MRS was kicked by SilentBob (Stop repeating yourself)

She's telling her students that I'm fat and stupid? That's just weird.

Guess it's time to start that diet.
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