Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I'm at my Dad's house in Maryland. Dad, Dorenda, Denise and Beth are at midnight mass. Tom is visiting Travis. I'm home alone at the stroke of Christmas. No sign of Santa as yet.

It's been a very good trip so far. I was lucky enough to come visit back in April, when Tom and Denise were also here from Texas for some occasion. But this is the first time that we've all been together for Christmas since 1996.

Tom and Denise have to leave tomorrow afternoon at 3, so we had our holiday feast tonight. With nine of us crammed in the too small kitchen, it was just like old times. Even after I moved to North East and Denise moved to Dover, every couple of weeks we'd end up at home for a family meal. Everyone laughs a lot when we're all together around the dinner table. Usually Denise laughs so hard she starts crying. Those are the times I miss most being so far away from my family.

In the last four days I've spent all my time with family, doing family things. We've gone out to dinner a few times. Tom and I did our Christmas shopping. We've visited some second cousins and third cousins. After Tom and Denise leave I'll be trying to get in touch with some old friends. I'll have a whole week to kill before I go home. I can only think of four people I really want to see before I go. Hopefully I won't have too much trouble getting together with them.

No matter how long I'm away from here, the moment I step into the house it feels as though I've never left. I think I'm lucky to have the family I do.

Tom is home.

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