Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

So Many Video Games... So Little Time

I'm currently knee-deep in Grand Theft Auto III. I'm still doing thug work around Portland, although it seems like I've been playing the game for a long time. There are two more whole cities I have to reign terror upon, so I'm going to be stuck playing GTA3 forever.

In the meantime, Dark Age of Camelot is slowly starting to lose my interest. Mikey doesn't want to play anymore, and I kind of lost touch with the folks I used to hang out with and hit animals with hammers and axes. I'm not ready to cancel my account just yet, since I recently got to level 30, I'm almost ready to venture into other realms to be an uber-assassin.

But in the meantime, I still have a pile of unopened games that I got for Christmas. I'm not ready to open them until I have the proper time to give them the attention they deserve. David already finished some games he got for Christmas, and let me borrow them, which only adds to my problems. I cannot start Jak and Daxter until I finish GTA3.

Then, there are all those games I don't even own yet. There were so many good games that came out late last year that I'm way behind on trying them out. Plus there are new consoles to buy, and I haven't been able to decide which one I want (maybe both).

The good news, I suppose, is that it's almost February. This is the time of the year when nothing good hits the stores. Not until May, at least. The game on the horizon that I'm most excited about is probably City of Heroes, the Comic Book themed MMORPG.

Tonight I'm going over to Brian's (T-Bone's) house to play some Xbox. I think he's got some Halo multiplayer on the agenda, which should be fun.

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