Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

The Project: A Success!

I got up early this morning and worked on the big project. I bought some new speaker mounting bracket thingies at The Good Guy's last night, and I rearranged the surround sound speakers for the new living room setup. I lovingly took all the toys and components out of the entertainment center, then Chris came over and helped me move the furniture. Then I had to rewire everything back up again, which really didn't take as long as I'd expected it too. After that I had to rehang all the artwork on the walls.

Julie and I are very, very pleased with how it all turned out. Check it out for yourself on cam 1.

I hope to earn enough extra money this month to buy a big screen HDTV. I'm looking for something in the 50-55" range, and my budget is about $2,500. I'm thinking Mitsubishi or Hitachi. The Good Guy's was selling the 55" Mitsubishi for $3,699. Total insanity. I'll have to shop around.
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