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High Definition Lifestyle, Baby - Jarrett Heather — LiveJournal
Jarrett Heather's Journal
High Definition Lifestyle, Baby
So, what good is a high-definition TV without any high-definition programming? Not much, I say. I've been calling the local Dish Network dealers to get some price estimates. I think every city has that one guy who really knows what he's talking about, and I need to find that guy.

Fortunataly, my dad already went through all this. He has the 46" Mitsubishi HDTV. I talked to him this morning and he gave me the lowdown.

I need:
  • Dish Network Model 6000 Reciever (The heart of the beast)
  • 8VSB Tuner Cartridge (To decode over-the-air HD)
  • Dish 500 (Pointed to 119 and 110)
  • Dish 300 or 500 (Pointed to 61.5 or 148)
  • SW21 Switch (To switch dishes)
Sounds expensive doesn't it! It is. One local outfit wanted nearly $1000 for all that gear. I'm still calling around. I'd like to get someone out here Sunday afternoon.

Current Mood: nervous nervous

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kiwifruit From: kiwifruit Date: February 19th, 2002 11:51 am (UTC) (Link)
that is insanely high. look around for some new subscriber deals, you won't be able to get ALL of that, but you might be able to get some or most of it. i signed up last year and got 2 free receivers and a free professional install for the low low price of...them paying ME $50. i paid $200 in equipment and install, and they gave me $250 in rebates.

i got my stuff at http://www.satelliteone.com but http://www.dishdepot.com also has good stuff. don't forget if you will need a receiver for every tv or input that you have (like i have 2 tivos, so i needed at least 2 receivers).
jarrett From: jarrett Date: February 19th, 2002 11:59 am (UTC) (Link)
All those new subscriber deals are just for one Dish 500 and a Dish301 reciever. The Dish301 system retails $199, whereas the Model 6000 goes for like $499, plus $100 per dish, plus $190 for the tuner cartridge.

Even with rebates, I'm looking at a spending a nice hunk of cash.
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