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High Definition Lifestyle, Baby

So, what good is a high-definition TV without any high-definition programming? Not much, I say. I've been calling the local Dish Network dealers to get some price estimates. I think every city has that one guy who really knows what he's talking about, and I need to find that guy.

Fortunataly, my dad already went through all this. He has the 46" Mitsubishi HDTV. I talked to him this morning and he gave me the lowdown.

I need:
  • Dish Network Model 6000 Reciever (The heart of the beast)
  • 8VSB Tuner Cartridge (To decode over-the-air HD)
  • Dish 500 (Pointed to 119 and 110)
  • Dish 300 or 500 (Pointed to 61.5 or 148)
  • SW21 Switch (To switch dishes)
Sounds expensive doesn't it! It is. One local outfit wanted nearly $1000 for all that gear. I'm still calling around. I'd like to get someone out here Sunday afternoon.
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