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Hey LiveJournal. Happy Monday.

Friday night we went to Applebee's with Shaun (dark_wolfe), Andrew, David, Lucas and Gavin. Then we were joined by Anna, Eric and Niki to go see the movie Ice Age.

Ice Age was funny. The animation was very polished, but a few notches below the brilliance of Pixar's movies. It had a very "Chuck Jones" feel to parts of it, especially the snowy cartoony scenery, and the saber-toothed squirrel sequences which turned out to be the best parts of the film. I had some gripes, though. Many scenes were clichés, or carbon copies of situations we've seen in recent animated movies. The story was way too predictable. B-

The rest of the weekend I alternated between working and watching television. I spent most of the day Saturday doing a revamp on Homer (the computer at Julie's desk which runs cam3). The project involved pulling out some unneeded hardware and adding a brand new 40Gb hard drive. Then I reinstalled Windows 98SE, and the new Kodak DVC325 Julie snagged off ebay. The new cam doesn't perform as well as the trusty 3com Homeconnects we've come to swear by, but for $35 it definitely gets the job done.

Homer is now very healthy and happy. Unburdened by a mountain of software and whizzing along with a new, faster hard drive he seems like a brand new machine. Julie was pretty thrilled by the boost in performance.

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