Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Ants in My Pants

Our kitchen has been infested by ants. Well, not really infested. They kind of just wandered in through the kitchen window and started hanging out by the sink. The kichen has been really clean (even cleaner than our usual clean cleanness) so we're not sure what made the ants decide to invade. They haven't found any food. They are dumb.

I killed about 100 ants last night so Julie could make dinner. But of course they were back this morning. We don't have any ant spray or traps, so I used a lint roller to squish them all. Julie says that the pest guy is there now taking care of business.

Now, on to my business. I've been doing so much contract work this month the checks keep rolling in. Somehow, I've found plenty of creative ways to waste my contract money, like my HDTV satellite reciever, lots of Monster cable, and a fancy treadmill (which is really Julie's, because she's paying me back for it). But my list of things to buy always outpaces my ability to purchase them. Are any of these things necessities? Of course not. But I need them anyway.

Every day I fight the urge to buy an Xbox. Just one more check and I'll probably do it. Then I will be complete. Heh.
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