Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Lazy White Boy

Boy, I've been lazy lately. I'm actually starting to push back deadlines on projects. Bad, bad, bad. I'm a very lazy person, despite the fact that I'm working almost all the time. It's not easy being a hard-working lazy person.

It's cool nowadays to blame all your problems on a disease or mental illness. I don't suppose they have one made up for lazy people. I should just make one up. Okay. I officially diagnose myself with LWB Syndrome (Lazy White Boy). They can't expect me to meet my deadlines because I have LWB Syndrome. I like the sound of that.

Damn my LWB. That's why I was such a poor student. I blame my disease. I was always smart as a monkey, but I could never get my assignments done because of my illness. It's a kind discrimination, if you think about it. Maybe I should contact an attorney and sue to get my high school GPA adjusted accordingly.
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