Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,


Oh, yeah, so where was I?

Julie left me Friday morning. I left work early on Friday, because, well, everyone else left. That's kind of what it's like around here. So I finished the new arrangement of Song 11, and I'm sure you've all heard that by now.

So later Friday night I went over to David's house and cooked some Hamburger Helper (makes a great meal). Then we went out to see Changing Lanes. I liked it a lot. David wasn't so sure. Heck, any movie with Sam Jackson running around yelling and acting crazy is fine with me.

Saturday I went back to David's again. We had a barbecue. Lukas cooked up some fat, phat steaks. Niki, Little Brian and Gavin stopped by, and we had a really good time! We went to Blockbuster and rented Joy Ride, which was certainly a ride, but didn't have a lot of joy. It was pretty entertaining, though, because we had a good time making fun of the movie.

I stayed home all day Sunday. I planned to work on my taxes and some side-projects, but I don't think I got very much done. I've been kind of running in place lately. I make time to get work done, but it doesn't really happen. It's because I have LWB.

So, Julie finally came home last night. I'm so happy she's back. I really missed her. She had a really good time in San Diego with gigglecam and Marty. They are good people, and very good friends to us.

So, that's what I've been up to in a nutshell. Oh, and I spent some time inbetween working on some new software for Juliecam. Some really neat stuff. I'm learning ASP.NET. It's very powerful. I'd explain what the software does, but it would probably sound pretty boring. Trust me, if you're a geek, real-time image manipulation is pretty sexy.

Tonight I have a Xenophilia rehearsal over at Hence's place. It should be a good time.

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