Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Did I end up having serious fun Saturday night? No, not really. It was more of the nice, relaxing with close friends kind of fun, which is fine. I might schedule the serious fun for this coming weekend. Maybe by then I will have found a place to live and I'll have more to celebrate than just Cinco de Mayo.

Saturday morning I met up with David and we ran some errands. I got my car washed and got a haircut. Later in the afternoon I went over to Julie's house to apologize in person for making her life difficult this past week. And I'm sure glad I did, because we talked for hours and worked a lot of things out. I feel like we're starting to build a healthy friendship again, and that makes me really happy.

David decided he was going to bleach is hair. I have thought about changing my hair color again, but hadn't really decided what to do. You probably can't tell from photographs, but my li'l beard is a different color from the hair on my head. It actually has light red mixed in with dark brown. I thought it would be kind of neat for my hair to match that more closely, so I bought some reddish-brown dye.

Now, I've done this before, and it's really hard to add reddish-brown to dark brown. So I decided to let David bleach my hair first, for more optimal results. But after we got done with that step, I liked the blonde so much I decided to stick with it for awhile instead of dying it immediately. It's extreemly unnatural and punkish. It's fun to surprise people.

I surprised Julie on Sunday when I went back over there to do some laundry and computer maintenance. She was kind enough to give me a refresher course on lights and darks, hot and cold. We watched some TV while the laundry spun, and it was cool, like hanging out with an old friend.

So it's Monday morning, and I'm back at work. I have on a baseball cap, and it's hiding all my yellow hair. No one knows my terrible secret.

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