Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

A Three Party Day!

Just call me Mr. Social.

First was Brian's graduation party. Almost the whole gang was there (except Chris didn't show for some reason). The food was excellent, especially the ham. They had a television set up outside so we could watch the Kings game during the festivities. It was a rockin' shindig.

Directly after that was Monica's graduation party. She just got her masters from CSUS. I don't actually know Monica, but Niki needed a ride out there, so I decided to go party with her. I knew a couple of her friends that were there too, so I wasn't as lost as I thought I would be. I had more party food. I enjoyed myself.

After I got home from dropping off Niki I was a little lonely, so a few people showed up to watch a movie. David, David, Larry and Gavin hung out for a bit. We had a pizza and watched The Others. More fun ensued.

The last guest just left, and I'm all funned out. I'll probably sleep well tonight.

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