June 29th, 2000


Today seems as good as any day to start my journal.

Actually, this particular week does hold some significance. I've been in California for exactly two years now. It was back in June 1998 that I packed my bags and headed for the left coast. Born and raised in Delaware, I was a native there for nearly 22 years... my whole life. But the promise of love and a better life brought me out here with just two large, overpacked suitcases.

My adventure into this unknown world over the last two years has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn't hesitate to say they've been the best years of my life so far. This summer has been another transitional period for me, in some ways more significant than my cross-country relocation back in '98. I'm starting my third year with incredible optimism. Just when things seem like they might be gonig wrong, they turn out to be going more right than I'd ever hoped.

Some call that fate.

The events that have brought me this far seem so wildly random one might conclude a higher power is at work. So many chance encounters and seemingly insignificant trials have brought me to this wonderful place where I am now. I think I'm just lucky. I believe you can make your own fate; you determine your own level of happiness.

But then again, I'd never imagined 5 years ago I'd have a fulfilling career as a website designer. I'd never imagined 3 years ago I'd be living in beautiful Sacramento, California. And certainly, two weeks ago I'd never have thought I'd be as happy and fulfilled as I feel right now.

So, think what you will about fate. Whether she's helping me along or I'm doing this all on my own, I'm glad I'm here. Things just seem to keep getting better.

I am lucky.

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So, on with the day to day ramblings.

My throat hurts. It has been hurting on and off for 7 days now. I've been considering seeing a doctor, but that seems like such a hassle. I don't get sick very often, and when I do it usually clears up on its own fairly quickly.

I have health insurance now, which is a great thing, because I went four or five years without it (although luckily, I had no problems that needed medical attention). So, it's not really a matter of expense. I just don't feel like going. The worst thing I could have is an infection of some sort. Maybe I could bum some leftover antibotics from my sickly friends.