July 5th, 2000

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I think I'm finally back into my normal routine. It seems like forever since I've worked a full week without a sick day or two. I've missed so much work this summer I'm ashamed. But none of it was my fault. Jarrett is innocent, as usual.

Feels like Monday. But it's hump day already. This short week is going to be a busy one. We're going camping Friday right after work, so we have a lot of planning and organizing to do between now and then. I'm pretty psyched about the camping excursion. We used to camp when I was a little boi, but it wasn't real camping. We had a big camper with electricity and a shower. This weekend it's just tents and a couple of sticks to rub together.

Don't think we'll have a webcam out there. qtkat's audience may be disappointed.

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I can't seem to wake up this morning. I had to go to the deli for a double mocha kick-start. I gave up coffee and soft drinks when I started dieting, so my caffiene tollerance has lowered. A few gulps of this treat should perk me right up.

Oh yeah, I'm on a diet. I've lost 15 lbs so far, which puts me at 200 lbs precicely. I think I'd like to weigh 160 lbs. That sounds good for someone who's 5'9". I would be nice to reach that goal before I go home to see my family again. Won't they be impressed.