July 10th, 2000


Back to work today.

We went camping this weekend. We had an amazingly great time out in the woods up in the mountains by the lake. The weather was perfect. We slept in tents. We cooked over a flame. We swam in a lake. We drank all the Vodka.

Here is my camping haiku:

    black smoke from the fire
      follows as I move around.
        yes, I hate rabbits

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The guy at the repair shop says my car will be ready soon. I have to interview another artist at 12:30, so I guess I'll get a ride out there after that. They gave me new front brakes and rotated this and that and replaced the bearings on the left wheel. Mr. Mechanic told me the worst problems they found were my tires, which were in the realm of "extreemly dangerous". The steel belts were exposed on the front tires, so they moved them to the back.

I feel like less than a man, not knowing the exact status of my tire treads. Those damn judgemental mechanics.

So after we get the car, we take it to the tire shop. More auto expense. It shows no signs of ending.
    my Honda Civic
      need serious attention
        bald tires are deadly