July 11th, 2000

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I can't believe I spent $500 on my car yesterday. There goes all my play money this month. I'm only through stages 1 and 2 of my 5 step plan to car repair. First was brakes, second was tires, next comes air conditioning (who knows how much that will cost), then the body work, and finally a new stereo.

I wonder if I should skip the cosmetics and just get a nice stereo. My little car is all banged up from when a huge metal gate fell on it. I'm sure the repairs will cost around a grand. I can buy a lot of toys with a thousand dollars.

Good day.

I'm having a good day. Work is going by quickly and I'm having fun. I feel enthused about my job. I'm also really excited about my first piano lesson tonight.


(no subject)

    optimism wanes
      like a brown wilting flower
        as Photoshop dies

    my beautiful art
      and two hours of my effort
        a memory now