July 19th, 2000

(no subject)

Today is a good day in the web design world. My boss threw out three of my favorite words... no, not "I love you", which might have been creepy. She says I'm "all caught up". I don't know how I managed that. Everyone knows I don't work very hard. :) That's why they call me "Legend" around here, I guess.

Actually, only Little Brian calls me "Legend". I try not to let it go to my head.

I need to work on my homepage one of these days. On a whim I registered a bunch of new domain names for it, yet all I have to show for them is a crappy coming soon page. But now you can get there from jworld.org, jheather.com, jarrettheather.com, jarrett1.com, or jmh1.com. Plus you can go straight to the Jarrettcam by way of jarrettcam.com.

What a geek I am, to have so many domain names. You know you envy me. Admit it.

I've been spending way too much money lately. Time to slow down a bit. I even went crazy and bought designer sunglasses... something I once swore I'd never waste a dollar on. But dammit, Julie says I look cool in them.

I could sure use some subs in my car... must... resist... No... more... spending.