August 11th, 2000

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Finally it's Friday.

Today is my last day as graphic artist on this production team. Soon I'll be moving my stuff up to the front of the office where I'll be artistic director doing training, standards, research and development. It's quite an exciting change. I'll miss the dungeon though. It's a fun place to work, cept there's no windows. Soon I'll be out in the sunlight. :)

The new computer over at qt's is coming together well. She's back on the 'net, but we still have to set up the webcam(s). I'll let you know how all that goes. She's all excited. I love to see her happy.

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I'm at my new desk now. Since I'm up in the front office, I'm afraid people will be looking at my monitors all the time. Guess I should stop surfing for porn while I'm at work. I just ordered a C.H.I.M.P. so no will be able to sneak up on me out here.