August 14th, 2000

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Another slow Monday. Boy, I'm pretty tired today. I had a little trouble sleeping last night. I might need to take a nap this afternoon. Later, we have softball practice. I can't believe I'm gonna be on the company softball team. We're going to be so bad. Geeks don't belong in any gaming arena that doesn't require a mouse or a joystick. But like I always say, "If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly."

I guess I didn't write in the journal all weekend, did I? We took it pretty easy. Mini golf was way fun on Friday. Saturday I worked on the new computer a lot... got the cam up and running again (rejoice)... lounged around qt's house. Sunday we went shopping and I bought a bunch of crap that I couldn't live without. My new Nike's are pretty stylin though, so at least I'll look good while I'm sucking at softball.
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