August 21st, 2000

(no subject)

Ah, another Monday morning at the office. Everyone is all grumpy and half asleep. I'm sipping my mocha.

I had a pretty good weekend.

Friday night me, Jules, Chris, Rupert and Anna went to see The Cell. What a disappointment. The movie was pretty, but didn't have too much substance. The story was pretty thin. But we had a good time, anyways.

Saturday night was pretty boring. Jules went off to play with Eris, so I just hung out at the Manor for a change. Rupert and I rented The Beach, which was actually pretty good. The movie was a lot different than I'd expected. Gotta give Leo some credit.

Yesterday it was shopping with the little woman. We did the mall. I finally bought the Interactive Yoda, and he's now training me to be a Jedi Master. I wanted to bring him here to annoy my co-workers, but I forgot. I better remember that tomorrow.

Tonight is softball practice. Our first game is one week from today. We should get our jerseys in by the end of the week. That's all I'm concerned about. It doesn't matter if we win or lose, as long as we look good in our jerseys.