August 28th, 2000

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It's the early, early hours of Monday morning... and here I am at the computer as always.

Demotivational message of the moment:

Hard wok often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.

That's kind of my theme for the weekend. I knew I had important stuff to do, yet I didn't start on it until 10pm tonight. But after dragging my feet for days, it took little effort and only a couple hours. So now I can sleep feeling that I accomplished something.

Since Julie is in Tahoe with her folks, I was able to spend a little quality time with Rupert. We had a meal and rented The Ninth Gate, which was different than the trailers make it out to be. Still, the end bothered me slightly, and some of my questions were unanswered. Mainly, there's this one chick who floats around from time to time, but they never explain why/how she can do that. But Johnny Depp was cool. He's such a great actor.
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