September 6th, 2000

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Don't worry, I'm still alive. We've been really busy lately! You've probably heard by now I'm gonna go ahead and move in with Julie. I wasn't planning on moving in until the end of October, but we've started the process already. Getting the new office set up there is really exciting. I'm getting all new office furniture delivered tomorrow. It's gonna be nice.

This weekend I built a whole new computer out of spare parts from two old computers. The new machine is on the network and serving the second cam to the qtkat website.

Gotta get ready for some kind of meeting... more later.

Jarrett Recognized by the California Secretary of State

You guys didn't know I was in politics, eh? I don't normally talk about work stuff, but I did the website for Bill Jones, the California Secretary of State. Today we had this little awards love-fest at their offices down the street in recognition of SacWeb's work on the Cal Access project. Bill thanked me personally for my work on the projects. I rock.

Here's what Bill says:
"Because of your teamwork, California has a nationally-recognized electronic filing system which provides current campaign and lobbying finance information to the voting public via the Internet. Your hard work, long hours, professional attention to detail, and commitment to this project have far surpassed our expectations, and I am truly grateful. You're the best!"