September 14th, 2000

Happy Birthday to Jarrett

That's right, I'm 24 today. I'm still not feeling too good, but I decided to come to work so I could get all the attention I deserve. Hopefully some more presents will get delivered here. That would be cool. What? You haven't bought me anything yet? Better head over to my wishlist and pick something out. I don't think anyone has gotten me that flatscreen monitor yet.

(no subject)

My birthday is going very well. I got birthday wishes from lots of people! I feel so loved. qt sent me a big boquet of cookies that look like computers. It's pretty cute. I'm going to share them at the party tonight. She also got me the Fargo DVD. What a great movie. She's never seen it though.

I wonder what other stuff is waiting for me up at the Manor. I haven't been there in almost a week. It's like I don't live there anymore.