October 9th, 2000

Weekend Update

I took it easy this weekend. I needed to relax. All my friends went to Oktoberfest... but I passed. I don't drink beer anyhow. I went shopping instead... bought some more toys and stuff. I got a Voodoo 5 5000 AGP (that's a video card for playing games). I put my old Diamond Viper V770 Ultra into the other computer so Jules can play games now too. Yet the Sims still crashes for her. I'm not sure why. I suspect the sound hardware that's build into the motherboard is causing problems. We'll have to get her a real sound card one of these days.

Yesteday we went to the Manor to get my entertainment center and all of the wonderful things therein... 36" Trinitron, Pioneer DVD Player, JVC VCR, Sony Playstation (with mod chip), and best of all, the Boston Accoustics digital home theater. Thanks to Chris and David for helping us move.

Life is good.
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Columbus Day

Since we work in Midtown Sacramento we're utterly surrounded by state workers. Days like today are weird because everyone is off work but us. The major downside is that the local delis are also closed, so all the caffiene addicts in the office are going insane. I think they all clocked out in order to drive to Starbucks on the other side of town. Funny that they'd go to those lengths before drinking the ass-coffee out of the break room.

Chris coined the phrase ass-coffee when he used to work here. He'll be joining us again tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it.

They always come back.

Conversation with Dave

This is how I destroy a legitimate work-related conversation.

Dave: What if we created a folder --
Jarrett: full of porn?
Dave: Of course.
Jarrett: Straight porn?
Dave: No.
Jarrett: No way.
Dave: Bi- porn?
Jarrett: Maybe.
Dave: Two guys and a girl.
Jarrett: Two girls and a guy.
Dave: Three guys and two girls.
Jarrett: Well, as long as the guys aren't doing each other.
Dave: Okay.
Jarrett: Agreed. I'll write up a work request.