November 1st, 2000


I guess I'm behind. Time to catch up.

The weekend was full of hardship. On Saturday, Chris and I put all of the faux-niture into the storage facility. We made three trips and it was pouring rain the whole time. It was a major pain. I dropped the glass top from the coffee table and it broke. It was wet and slippery. That was the only major tragedy of the day. On Sunday we went and got the new furniture from Monkey Wards. You can probably see it on the kam. It's so comfy and purdy. I love it.

Saturday night was the big Halloween party at Niki's. It was a lot of fun. Chris got so wasted. His sheik costume was awesome. You can check out some photos. After the party we all went to Lyons for a bite. Good times.

Julie and I have been really social lately. We've been going out or having company every night this week. Monday, Niki came over and we drank. Last night we went to Anna's and played boardgames with David, Lucas, Niki and Josh. Tonight we're going over to David's to watch the Simpsons and hang out. We're busy, but no complaints. It's nice to have so many cool friends.

As usual, life is good. Work is going well. We're happy. I love my furniture.
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