November 29th, 2000

I Got My Playstation2!

Well, I'll have it soon, at least.

I noticed on that there was a shipment of Playstations coming in on November 24th. I decided I was going to buy one of them. Historically, each shipment sells out in about 30 seconds, so I figured if I was just viewing the site at the right time I could be one of those lucky people.

They didn't say what time the merchandise would be available, so I decided just to set aside my whole day for checking the site every 15 seconds. But I was lucky. Within 30 minutes my order was placed, and my Playstation2 is scheduled to arrive on Friday.

I'm happy.

I opted for the Action Gamer Pack, which includes the console, 2 controllers, Madden NFL 2001, Tekken Tag Tournament, and Ridge Racer V. Plus the DVD of Armageddon (whee).

Now, of course, I've added a bunch of Playstation2 accessories to my wishlist. Go buy me something, please.
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