January 22nd, 2001

Back to Work Again

This weekend was just not long enough. I haven't really talked about it here much, but I've been sick for almost a week now. My throat is closing up and my sinuses are a mess. I'm achy and tired all the time. I missed a couple days of work last week even. I hate missing work. But then again, I hate being here when I'm sicky.

The worst part of it all is my snoring. Julie says I'm normally a quiet and peaceful sleeper, but when my sinuses are clogged I snore like a chainsaw. I'm such a light sleeper it even wakes me up sometimes. To spare Julie I slept on the couch most of last night. So if you catch me there on cam, it doesn't mean we're fighting or anything. Don't worry.

Make my sickness go away please. I wanna be back to normal.
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My Big Accomplishment

I hooked up two cams on one computer. I know, it's been done before. But I'm still proud. To make the achievement more commendable, I got them both running on Julie's old POS Cyrix machine downstairs. There was a time when that monster would barely support one cam.

The moral of the story is that 3com's website sucks. Their famous and popular HomeConnect Digital Webcam is actually made by Vista Imaging. I visited the VI and it took exactly two clicks to find the MulitCAM Utilities I needed. After that, it was 5 minutes before I had both cams up and running. Yay!
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Clients Are Weird

Like six months ago I did a design for a website. Sometimes I like to put some big text on the front to focus the design. I didn't know if this particular client had a motto or whatever so I just put our clever tagline goes here in 40pt type.

I haven't worked on the project for months, but the project manager had some design questions for me regarding the site. I noticed that the front page still had the our clever tagline goes here. She says the client thinks that's really funny and he's going to keep it that way.

It makes you wonder.
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