January 31st, 2001

Those Fools at Capitol One!

They gave me a VISA Gold Card.

I know, everyone has a Gold or Platinum card, or whatever, but not me. I used to be really impoverished and I couldn't pay my bills. My credit is bad. That's actually why I have so much money lying around, because I don't have any credit cards to make payments on. I'm free to go out and buy a $100 mouse if I feel like it. But anyway, I was a little surprised when Capitol One pre-approved me for Gold.

I called to activate it and the machine said my credit limit would be two hundred dollars. Geeeez. Why is it even "Gold"? What do I even want to buy that costs less than $200?

I'm keeping it. Hopefully having a real credit card will help my credit in the future..

Ever see that Providian commercial where the woman says, "Face it, people treat you differently when you have a Gold card." What a terrible, terrible thing to say. That's like saysing, "Face it, people treat you differently when you're white." I hate you, woman. I wish Providian would quit sending me mail for their "VISA Classic"... they don't even think I'm worthy of their Gold card.