February 25th, 2001

SNL is making fun of me?

I know... no one watches Saturday Night Live anymore. But I caught parts of it last night. Have you ever seen the "Jarret's Room" skit? Jimmy Fallon plays Jarret, who hosts a live webcam broadcast directly from his college dorm room. It was pretty funny, especially Horatio Sans as roommate "Gobi", the eerie incarnation of Travis Hale, a guy my brother used to hang out with in high school. It was weird to hear them calling someone "Jarret"... I'm just used to being the only one around. I haven't met another one yet. I wish they had spelled it with two t's. They're reinforcing the most common misspelling of my name.

I wanted to register Jarretsroom.com, but SNL beat me to it.

LiveJournal in the News

Well, sort of. This article on MSNBC.com mentions the site.

It's a good article. Makes me feel like I'm changing the world by keeping a journal. I really doubt any of us is having such an impact on journalism or creating a global consciousness.

All I really know is, out of all the journal services listed, LiveJournal definitely has the coolest logo.