February 26th, 2001

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It's Monday morning. It's beautiful and sunny again. Soon, I'm going to take a walk down to the deli to get some apple juice and a banana, but I'm mainly interested in the fresh air and sunshine between here and there. It's a good way to start the morning.

My weekend was really dull. Julie was gone Saturday night and most of Sunday. There was a party at Courtney's, which I couldn't go to because I had work to catch up on. Julie tells me there are some who debate my existence, because I've never been seen at these gatherings. You'd think that I'm on cam enough to be disqualified as a paid extra.

I'm glad Julie spent the night at Courtneys. It would be a shame to end up like this guy.

The highlight of the weekend was Friday. Little Brian decided to breeze into town. He came to the office to have lunch with us and ended up hanging out all afternoon. After work him and Anna met up with Julie and me, and we all caravaned up to Roseville to eat at Mikuni, which is supposed to be the best sushi in the area. There we met up with Brian and Heather, and a couple other friends from the office. I'm not big on raw fish, but I tried some new things, and it was excellent. We all had a great time, and I hope to get up there again soon for some more fishy treats. After dinner we went to see Hannibal. Although almost everything I've heard about the movie was bad, I really enjoyed it. I'm guess I'm easy to please.

After the movie, Anna and Brian chilled with Julie and me, and we played some Playstation 2. It was a good evening. Good friends, good food, good times.

Well, off to the deli.