April 13th, 2001

Tax Triumph

Refund! Refund! Refund! How cool is that? I'm getting $17 back from the Feds. California wants $121 from me, though. But, heck, I'm not complaining!

But as fate smiles upon me as I file my taxes, something else in my life must go awry. My car is acting goofy. It's been leaking oil, but I wasn't too concerned about it. Now it's starting to run really hot, and not for lack of oil, as was the case last time it heated up. So, in about one minute I'm leaving to take the car to the Honda dealership.

Cross your fingers for me.
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Car Report #1

We dropped off the Purple Pussasaurus at Elk Grove Honda. I almost got lost on the way. Surprisingly, the car decided not to overheat on the way down there.

Cost: $77 (insert cash register ch-ching noise, a la The Sims)

Car Woes

Tim from Elk Grove Honda gave me a call. He said I blew my head gasket. I told him to keep my personal life out of it and just fix the car *rimshot*. They're taking the engine apart right now. No word when I'll get my car back.

Estimated cost: $1000+ (ka-ching!)
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