April 26th, 2001


I took a long nap during lunch today. I haven't been able to clear all the cobwebs out of my brain just yet. I've got a Dew, but it's just not getting through to me.

I had a bad allergy attack this morning, so I took some Drixoral (dexbrompheniramine maleate and pseudoephedrine sulfate) and I've been in kind of a daze ever since. But I'm not sneezing my head off at least.

Good news. I finally got my car back last night.

Total cost of repair: $1,597.17 (ka-ching)

It seems to be running as good as ever. These are the first real repairs I've ever had to do for the Honda Civic, as it nears 150 thousand miles. Hopefully we won't have too many more problems. I decided not to get a new car any time soon, rather, to buy a HDTV home theater. I sit in front of the TV a lot more than I sit in the car anyways, right? More on that later.

Last night we went to David's. Lucas was home sick from Oracle, where he usually works from like seven at night until seven in the morning, or some craziness like that. So we hung out with them and Gavin, watched the Mummy, and had some lasagna. It was relaxing and good.

There's a River Cats game tonight that I could get free tickets for if I wanted, but I think I'd be better off relaxing at home, and maybe working on Juliecam.net some more.

Last night me and Josh hooked up for a game of Quake III: Team Arena. I've been having problems with my connection at home when trying to play online games, but last night it worked great. The game was more fun than frustrating for once, even though we were connected to a server in the UK. Team Arena is a fun game. If you like to play, you should drop me a line and you too can join in the fun. I plan to put up a dedicated server here at SacWeb sometime in the near future.