April 30th, 2001

Weekend Report

Although I posted this weekend, I was just bitching about the freaks over at the JenniCam Fan Forum. I think they're done talking about us, having moved on to more important issues, like Dex's hair.

For those who are curious about what I actually did this weekend (I know you're out there), read on.

Friday night David and Lucas came over to keep me company. Julie went out to meet a new friend, so we had the place to ourselves. I'd like to say we had a raucous good time, but we didn't. I was so dreadfully tired from the workweek, I was happy to vegitate in front of the entertainment system, watching Red Planet, which David had just gotten from the good people at NetFlix.

Have you seen Red Planet? Don't confuse it with Mission to Mars, the Brian De Palma extraveganza starring Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins and Don Cheadle. This is the Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss (aka Trinity) version of the Mars-mission-gang-aft-aglay story. I saw Red Planet in the theaters, but I don't remember disliking as much as I did the second time around. They stray so far from scientific reality that the story is totally impossible to believe. And the origin of biggest discovery in the film, the little bugs that miraculously produce oxygen, is never explained to the audience. I could go on. On the good side, I guess, is that Carrie-Anne Moss is pretty hot, even without the black plastic clothes and automatic weaponry.

Julie came home Saturday morning and promptly fell asleep, just as I was getting out of bed. Apparently she had a good time Friday night. We didn't do much of anything on Saturday, now that I think about it. But sometimes a lazy Saturday is just what you need. I played a lot of Quake. We ended up staying home that night and watching Eyes Wide Shut. It's long and slow, but lots of naked people, so it's cool.

Sunday, on the other hand, we did all kinds of fun stuff. We went shopping at the Arden Faire Mall. Each of us bought all kinds of new clothes for summer, and we had some Chinese food. We went for a walk in the park, and enjoyed the nice weather. Later we went over to Niki's for awhile to hang out and watch the Sopranos.

So now it's Monday again. Back to work.