May 1st, 2001

Fun Fun Fun

Boy, we had fun last night. I was in a good mood, so I decided to treat some friends to dinner. We picked up Niki and met David over at the Spaghetti Factory downtown. I must say, we had a lot of laughs, and a genuinely good time. Then afterwards, we chilled over at Niki's place again.

And to continue my Niki streak, I think I'm gonna pick her up and go to Target during lunch today. We love Target. And there's a little something I think I'd like to pick up for my baby. She likes presents. You've seen her wishlist.

(no subject)

Just got back from Target. I finally bought Tribes2, which I've been meaning to try out. It's supposed to be really cool. I'm just nervous about playing it online. I don't like being a newbie. I don't want to embarass myself. I've been playing Quake for years, and I still get my ass kicked regularly. It can be demoralizing.

Pool... now there's a game I'm good at. I think it's about time for a rack.