May 2nd, 2001

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Time to update the ol' journal.

Julie and I had a quiet, but very pleasant, evening at home together. We shared cooking responsibility, then settled in to watch the Finding Forrester DVD I bought last weekend.

I really enjoyed the movie, except that the story was somewhat predictable. It sucks to know everything. I think F. Murray Abraham is a great actor, and I wish we could se him in more movies. I mean, more good movies. I don't count Star Trek: Insurrection.

After the movie I installed Tribes2. I went through one and a half training missions, but I'm still getting used to the controls. I've been so used to Quake that the adjustment will be very difficult. Plus there are about a zillion keyboard commands. The game is very complex. But the graphics are stunning. So far, I am pleased. I think it will be a long time before I play online.

Looks like I'm gonna have a busy day today at work... I'd better jump right in.

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Why does Netscape suck so much ass? I'm trying to write some simple dHTML, and I have to write every work around for the 15% percent of losers out there still using the crappy browser. It's called IE 5.5 people... get with the program!

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Boy I'm tired today! I had trouble sleeping last night. It was really windy last night, and the terrible noise was driving me insane. Maybe it's time for a Dew.

Mmmmmm... caffiene.

Music, Anyone?

I'm still playing piano every day, but it's been a long time since I posted any performances. Are you people actually listening to them? Do you want to hear more? Encourage me, please... it helps.

I wrote a piano-only arrangement of The Simpsons Theme by Danny Elfman. It's among one of the hardest pieces I've ever tried to play, mainly because of the fast tempo (170 bpm), numerous key changes (Um, six modulations in a 60 second piece), and long sixteenth-note runs... many of them on scales I don't normally play (dreaded whole-scales). Anyway, although I'm still working out the kinks, but I'm looking forward to recording that one.