June 4th, 2001

Weekend Stuff

I went all weekend without pain medication. Things are starting to feel normal, and I'm back to eating food. If I try to eat something really crunchy, I do feel a mild hurt, but it's getting better with practice. Food is good.

Nothing much exciting happened this weekend. On Saturday night Julie and I took Little Brian out to Chili's, mainly to celebrate LB's 21st birthday. But heck, who needs a formal occasion to hang out with LB? He comes back to work on Wednesday, and I look forward to schooling him on the pool table.

Sunday we went for lunch at Julie's grandparents. It was all good. After that, I was overcome by fatigue and I had to nap.

Rewind. We spent a good part of Saturday doing cat breeder research, which is as fun as it sounds. The good news is that we may have found a breeder in Sonoma who has almost precicely the kitty we're looking for, although, I haven't seen a picture of him yet, but he probably looks something like this:

Exotic shorthair, black and white bicolor