June 6th, 2001

The Punchline

Last night we had dinner at T.G.I.Fridays and went to the punchline to enjoy some overpriced beverages and stand-up comedy. Julie, LB and myself finally got to spend some quality time with Niki and her new official boyfriend, Shane. He seemed really cool. Turns out he's a big Kevin Smith fan, which makes him okay in my book (although he'd never heard of the failed Clerks cartoon series, but I'll school him in those areas).

More Showing Off

Here is an illustration I created for a Flash site I'm still working on.
Click me... see all the details!
I created the image in trueSpace 4, which is a 3D modelling/rendering application. I sure wish I got to do more 3D work, because it's so much fun and so time consuming. This piece uses very simple shapes and surfaces to give it a cartoony SimCity look. The whole scene only sports about fifty thousand polygons. That sounds like a lot but it's not. By moving the camera very, very far away and using a virtual telephoto lens I was able to almost eliminate perspective to give it that isometric simulation feel. Here's a peek at the wireframe.

Goodnight World...

Just watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with English overdub. I liked it better this way. Yes, I liked it better this way. I look forward to watching it again.

The back of the DVD had listed the URL www.cthe.com. I thought it was a misprint for CTHD (the acronym for the movie title). Click the link to solve the mystery on your own.

Off to watch The Daily Show with John Stewart.