June 11th, 2001

True Story

And by true, I mean false.

On the way to work this morning I had to stop for a tank of gas at the local Shell station. In the pump across from mine was a redneck-looking white guy wearing a tattered wife-beater filling up his pickup truck.

In the pump next to him was an elderly woman who appeared to be of Asian descent. She was having difficulty using the ATM scanner on the pump and was visibly frustrated. Well, without hesitation, the man went over to help her with her problem and then helped her pump her gas.

I was so impressed that as he returned to his truck I gave him a little nod in acknowledgement. He replied with, "I enjoy helping Asian people." I was so angry, I immediately sucker-punched him in the face, jumped in my Honda and sped away. Did you know that using the word "Asian" is the same as "Jap", "Chink", "Slant", "Gook", "Zipperhead" or "Buddhahead"? That bastard got what he deserved.

Thanks to mopedronin (aka Made in DNA) for the lesson in tollerance.


I didn't sleep well last night and this morning I'm mighty tired. Only Mountain Dew and Pixie Stix can cure me now.

I think it's going to be a long Monday.

But at least I'm not sick, right? We have to be thankful for that at least. I had a bad allergy attack on Saturday and I feared I was getting ill, but today I'm healthy as can be. Just sleepy.