June 12th, 2001

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Little Brian came over after work last night to school me on some Crazy Taxi. He showed me some of the tricks I'd been missing, so I'm getting a lot more out of the game now. Hope it doesn't distract me from finishing Red Faction. I'm getting really close to the end, but it's getting much more difficult as I go along. Is anyone else out there playing that game? Let's discuss.

The downstairs cams were off last night because I was doing some maintenance to Mr. Burns (aka the downstairs Dell). If you bothered to look at the cams it alsmost appeared as if I was playing video games all night long. Imagine that.

Honestly, our cams must be the most boring thing in the world. I still can't fathom why anyone would want to watch us doing anything. It's cool that the family back home can check up on me. That was my original reason for putting up a cam, long before I merged into the decor of qtkat.com.

Yeah... little known fact. I was a cam boy long before I met Julie. That's why I own jarrettcam.com, but go there today and you're not likely to find anything of interest. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what you'll see. Better check on that.

Cat News

As I was just about to close the deal on the kitten, I recieved an email from a breeder who has a nine-month-old silver tabby for sale. I decided I had to see this one before buying the brown mctabby, but the guy doesn't have a scanner so he's snail mailing the pictures to us.

The great thing about this new lead is it's only an hour or half from us, down in Pittsburg, CA. The brown mctabby is in Michigan.

By this weekend we will most likely have bought one or the other. I'll share the pictures when they arrive.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Did anyone watch The Daily Show last night? If not, you absolutely must watch the rerun this evening at seven.

I swear to God it was one of the funnies episodes ever. Stephen Colbert's piece was absolutely brilliant. I think I'll tape it tonight.