June 20th, 2001

The Softball Season Opener

Last night was the first softball game for the SacWeb Surfers. I brought Julie out to the field to cheer for my teammates, but I couldn't play myself due to the broken finger issue. True, it's mostly healed, except it doesn't bend all the way... but I'm not prepared to risk it on the field. I'm probably a greater asset to the team off the field, anyways.

The SacWeb Surfers faced the Leatherby's Creamers. If that sounds like a weird name for a softball team, I should clarify that Leatherby's Family Creamery is a California restaurant chain similar to the Friendly's Family Restaurant chain we had back home. The Surfers were short two players, but still managed to lose by only one run (9 to 8). Two very bad calls by the umpire also helped the Creamers edge out a hollow victory.

After the game we all went to Bleachers Sports Bar to celebrate. It was an extreemly good time. Josh is extra funny after he's been drinking. I don't drink on weeknights. Julie and I left just after eleven, but others stayed into hours which are often classified as "ungodly". Those partygoers are still staggering into the office, even though it's almost 10 am.

Tonight we're going over to Little Brian's place to play NBA Street which comes out today (PlayStation 2). We probably won't stay long because Julie will get bored quickly.
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Computer Auction

Maybe the most exciting thing going on today is the computer auction here at work. Not too long ago, all our workstations were upgraded to kick-ass Dells. So management decided to auction off all of our old eMachines, and a half-a-dozen monitors. Getting a new computer will probably be easy, but there seems to be too few monitors to meet demand. I'm hoping to get one of each and then set up our fourth workstation in Julie's office. If all goes well, I'll be moving monitors around and running network cable this weekend. The auctions close between noon and one. Wish me luck!

(By the way, I will not bid on anything on your behalf. Don't ask.)
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Mom Alert

My mom emailed me wanting to know the URL of my journal. Hmmm... I wonder who tipper her off? She claims I never respond to her email. I occasionally fail to respond. I'm a busy guy.

Say hi to Jarrett's Mom (aka Ruth Ann).

A Webby Is in Reach

LiveJournal is so close to winning a Webby it's not funny. You must vote, and you must tell everyone you know to vote!

If you have not voted or registered to vote, go here. Write in "LiveJournal" & "www.livejournal.com" for the personal site, services and community sections.

Heh heh... if we win, does that mean I can put a Webby on my résumé? I think it does. Vote, for God's sake!


I got a ViewSonic 17GS (17" Monitor) for $105, and a 3com 10/100 NIC for $10.

Now to name the new machine... hmmm. The computers on the network are named Homer, Burns and Snake. Maybe it's time for a female computer.