July 10th, 2001

Greetings Sportsfans

Tonight is going to be eventful. The much-anticipated Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (for Playstation2) hits some stores today.

But before I get to enjoy it, I get to watch the SacWeb Surfers battle the Leatherby's Creamers in a battle for first-place standing. So, after work I have to go home to pick up Julie, then race over to the park in time for the 6:15 ballgame. After that we swing by the mall to pick up my reserved copy of GT3, then spend the rest of the night glued to the PS2 racing my little heart out.

Any other excited Gran Turismo fans out there?


Am I the only person in the whole world who doesn't believe that forwarding an email to 15 or more people will impove your life dramatically or bring good luck?

Those "uplifting" emails I keep getting are just pissing me off.

...and furthermore...

> > > > > > > I really hate emails that
look like this.
Doesn't anyone
> > > > > > > how to delete quote
indentations before they
an email?
> > > > > > > I think one set of ">"s is
more than sufficient.