July 13th, 2001

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Little David came over last night and we watched Jurassic Park starring Sam Neil and some dinosaurs. You've probably heard of it.

Our plan is to watch The Lost World: Jurassic Park sometime between now and Wednesday in anticipation of Jurassic Park III. If we went into that theater without immediate prior knowledge of its preceeding films, I'm sure we'd be completely lost by the complexity of the story. "Why are those dinosaurs chasing the people? What's their motivation?"

As if. It's really like this geeky home theater ritual. We'll be watching Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma just before Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back comes out next month (Any Kevin Smith fans who want to join us for the marathon?). We recently checked out Planet of the Apes and the forgettable Rollerball in preparation for this summer's revisits.

Why is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within getting such bad reviews? I loved it. Did the pretty animation make me blind to a stupid movie?

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Because of my recent friend invitation, I feel like I ought to deliver the goods and make my journal very interesting.

But, sadly, my life is boring and I have no opinions. So, I'd better just start making things up.

Since we have famous cam couple eris and kalthrax living next door we could manufacture some sort of salacious scandal which would unfold live on cam and be recounted in each of our LiveJournals.

So, how does the scandal start?

Ice Ice, Baby

We're rocking out on the production floor. I've got Spinner kicking it on the "One Hit Wonders" channel.

Who's better... Vanilla Ice or Snow?

This song has great lyrics. He calls himself a "lyrical poet", and sure enough, he goes on to rhyme it with "know it".
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