July 17th, 2001

Good Morning!

Last night David and Lukas came over and they brought us lasagna and garlic bread. We had dinner and watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Sure, it's not as good as the first, but I don't think the movie gets enough credit. It's really pretty good, if you ask me.

The third? We'll find out tomorrow. Sam Neill returns as Dr. Alan Grant, which seems cool. God knows why Grant would go back to any InGen island with dinosaurs roaming around. I suppose he needed the money. The same is probably true for Neill.

The Allergy Thing

I think it's gotten better. The allergy attack lasted all evening with the nose blowing and the sneezing and the glaven. My nose hurts. I took some pseudoephedrine before bed, and I think it's still doing its thing.

I'm pretty sure I'm not getting a cold because I don't have any other symptoms. But my allergies were never this bad.

Lunchtime Activities

Me, David and LB swung by Jel to pick up Niki, then we all headed over to Target. It's like a lunchtime ritual for us. We've been known to dine there as well. They serve mini Pizza Hut pizzas which are pretty good. And I'm always up for a cheddarwurst.

Anyway, Target didn't have some stuff we were looking for (mainly the Gorillaz CD) so we had to stop over to Tower Records as well. I picked up the CD, and the girl at the counter was totally firting with me. She wanted a piece of the J-Money.

LB claimed its the same girl who hit on him a few weeks ago when he picked up the new Blink 182 CD. Just goes to show what a man-whore he is (according to Anna).
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